Toptracer has revolutionized the way golf is viewed on TV and it is now revolutionizing golfers’ driving range experiences. We’re glad to feature Toptracer technology at The Range! 

Check out the videos below for details on Toptracer and how it works!

About Toptracer

In the late ’90s, Daniel Forsgren was watching golf from his living room in Sweden and growing increasingly frustrated. He couldn’t see the ball.

Seeing the ball—something so fundamental to the golf-viewing experience—was next to impossible with the technology of the day. So Daniel set out to make a change.

He spent the next several years tinkering with a new kind of camera with sensors that could detect a golf ball flying through the air. The sensors connected to a computer that looked for a small, white object and identified it through each frame of the shot. Daniel quit his IT job in 2003 to focus on developing a prototype.

In 2006, Protracer was born. Soon after, the PGA TOUR, European Tour, and television outlets all over the world jumped at the opportunity to partner with Protracer. Golf fans could finally see the flight of a golf ball through on-screen graphics, along with speed, distance, and other valuable insights. Watching golf on TV would never be the same.

On a quest to bring the technology to an even bigger audience, Protracer launched the first prototype of Protracer Range in 2012. The system, which used the very same technology seen on TV, could be installed at driving ranges to trace and analyze shots hit by ordinary range-goers.

Impressed by Daniel’s innovation and inspired by his company’s mission to enrich the game of golf, Topgolf Entertainment Group acquired Protracer in 2016. Together, the companies were on a crusade to grow the sport and connect people in meaningful ways.

Today, Toptracer (as it was rebranded) can be seen on hundreds of golf broadcasts each year, Toptracer Range is revolutionizing the driving range experience all over the world, and—through it all—the company has remained committed to Daniel’s core principle: To change the way people enjoy the game of golf. One shot at a time.


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